Mesimarja is the CREATIVE MIND behind OHX40 brand.

She is the person the Brand evolves around and who has been evolving the idea behind the brand from the beginning to the ready product for years. Her beautiful designs, full understanding of movement and requirements for active wearables, materials and her crazy ideas are the ones that make the brand as unique as it is. All the designs of OHX40 comes from Mesimarjas’ pen. She has a strong background in product designing, cloth manufacturing industry and also in sports instructing and as an athlete. She is a RYT 2000 certified Yoga Teacher and is also the ZEN of the brand with innovative twist. She has always thousands of new ideas about how the brand could grow and the drive she jumps into the ideas is rarely seen in the business world.

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Kaisa is the BUSINESS MIND behind OHX40 brand.
She is the filter of the brand, the one who considers which ones of all the creative ideas could work in real life. She is the organising element of the creativeness and is the one who takes care that the ideas turn into reality in a practical way. She is Master of Science in Economics from University of Vaasa, Finland and has a strong knowledge of International Business. Kaisa has a background as aesthetic gymnast, group fitness instructor and dancer. In business world she has worked with start-ups before and has experience especially from the field of Marketing, Project Management and Sales.

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