We at Of Happiness X 40 believe that happiness is a lifestyle and a state of mind.

Happiness can be found in almost every moment we live. The way how, may be unique and vary by the situation, but what is sure is that happiness and balance can be found. We want to be a Brand that helps to create happiness and wellbeing in Life while sustaining and valuing Nature and all its beings. We want to spice things up a bit and remind people of all the colours of life with our colourful, unique designs. The clothes we make are durable and great in quality! We use sustainable materials, partly recycled, partly organic.

OHX40® wants to help people remember that happiness is something that is already there. It may be a calm moment of meditation, a run in a park with dear friend or anything, that brings happiness in that moment. There are 40 ways, you choose which ones are yours.


Mesimarja is the CREATIVE MIND behind OHX40® brand

Mesimarja is a visionary, a free spirit exploring the Earth. She enjoys creating, feeling, listening, problem solving, guiding, helping and healing.

She is the Founder of Ohx40®, the person the Brand evolves around and who has been evolving the idea behind the brand from the beginning to the launch for years. Her beautiful designs, full understanding of movement and requirements for active wearables, materials and her crazy ideas are the ones that make the brand as unique as it is. All the designs of Ohx40® come from Mesimarjas’ pen. She has a strong background in product design, clothes manufacturing industry and also in sports instructing and as an athlete. She is a RYT 200 certified Yoga Teacher (2015) and is also the ZEN of the brand with innovative twist. She has always thousands of new ideas about how the brand could grow and the drive she jumps into the ideas is rarely seen in the business world.

Mesimarja wakes up accepting every new Day as an Adventure. Hair flowing in the sea breeze, heart linked to the Universe and mind clear she jumps in!

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Kaisa is the BUSINESS MIND behind OHX40® brand

She is the filter of the brand, the one who considers which ones of all the creative ideas could work in real life. She is the organising element of the creativeness and is the one who takes care that the ideas turn into reality in a practical way. She is Master of Science in Economics from University of Vaasa, Finland and has a strong knowledge of International Business. Kaisa has a background as aesthetic gymnast, group fitness instructor and dancer. In business world she has worked with start-ups before and has experience especially from the field of Marketing, Project Management and Sales.

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Sonja is the SUSTAINABILITY SPECIALIST behind OHX40® brand

Sonja believes whole-heartedly in cultivating compassion for our planet and
all living beings by making better decisions in business and in our
daily lives.

Her work:

“As a sustainability specialist in OhX40 I am connecting purpose-driven
business, environmental and ethical stewardship and balanced human
wellbeing. I’m safeguarding our yoga wear and products to be sustainable
in every aspect and at each stage of their lifecycle. This means that we
are sourcing organic and/or recycled fabrics, making sure no harmful
chemicals are used, re-using textiles waste, and designing lasting
products, which we are happy to take back and upcycle into something new
after the product is no longer serving its original purpose. Our
products are designed and crafted in Finland, by the people we know put
a lot of love into making them. Love is reciprocal, so we also want to
support their work and their unique skills in craftsmanship.

I’m also working as a Ph.D. researcher at the Faculty of Management in
Tampere University, where I’m studying how businesses can mobilize and
manage sustainability transformations. As a co-founder of Love
Foundation Helsinki, I’m collaborating in a non-profit network aiming to
advance sustainability transformations in the urban community through
the means of art and creative culture.”


“I’ve been practicing different yoga styles for five years and after
finishing my Ph.D. research I will pursue my dream of yoga teacher
training. Until then, I’m a grateful and curious student of Mesimarja.”

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